Review : Zu Tisch, M Block GK 1

Oktoberfest and German cuisine ! The excitement to try something brand new was high and had stayed with me for a while now . We chose 3rd Oct, what better day to visit Zu Tisch than on the eve of German Chancellor’s first visit to India 🙂 … so much for foreign affairs through an insurmountable love for food! And the best part : the excitement was totally worth it .


Located on the second floor in the posh M Block market, this place is spacious, raw and lively. It also has a rooftop space for dining. The ambiance is pleasant, with a stylishly done bar and wooden furniture.




It is understandable why Zu Tisch (which literally  means “come sit”) features in the “Meat Cravings” collection on Zomato. For every preparation we had was rich, meaty and filling, to the extent of being deservedly sinful! What we also really enjoyed was the loads of flavorful potato mashes and accompaniments with these. As is the case with European cuisine, potato seems an essential component in German food as well.

Volkswagen Chicken Wurstl : Don’t go by the first name, these large sausages are just perfect ! The smokey taste and chorizo with its burst of flavors made for a delicious starter. It looked absolutely lovely too.


Kiwi Fizz Mocktail : Refreshing albeit a little too sweet, probably the sugar syrup. Could have been better.


Chermula Prawns: Succulent prawns laced with butter and parsley sauce what worked for this was the absence of excess embellishment . Consequently, one could enjoy the juicy flavours of the prawns that came with a lovely sweet&tangy sauce.



Cordon Bleu Schnitzel : Star of the meal undoubtedly. I doubt there can be anything more sinful than pan fried chicken stuffed with ham wraps, Gouda cheese, herbs and coated with cream ! Can feel the calories while writing this sentence. But this dish is a must try to multiply the authentic impact 10x.
Potato wedges that came alongside were crisp. A change from the mash was as nice.



Service was good, the guy was very helpful esp when we were being slow decision-makers thanks to the myriad exotic dishes on the menu card to choose from! Cost for two came around ₹2000 (1200 for 2 mentioned on Zomato is an old figure :D)

Zu Tisch was a thoroughly satiating and hearty-meal experience. Meat gourmands need to be here atleast once for surely they will end up saying “Danke” after the visit!

Overall Rating: ****1/2
Ambiance: ****
Food: ****1/2
Price-Worthiness: ****

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