Review: The Backyard, Green Park

First things first: The Backyard is a beautiful pub with a brilliant rooftop space, the location is superb (bang on the main road next to Sartaj) and the view is good. Live DJ is indeed an icing on the cake! As the evening merged into night, lots of folks poured in making for a lively setup.




Now let me talk of things which didn’t enthuse us as much : The food! Ah well, that being the most crucial component, we found a lack of consistency in the preparations, some being bland and the others decent. Also the portions were pretty small.The other issue is definitely the price which turned out to be very expensive. So guys beware if you planning on drinks, you would want to go easy there.

Here is a lowdown on the preparations:

Nachos Grande with Jalapenos and Cheese was decent.It is tough to go wrong with Nachos!


Sriracha Paneer wrapped in chilly spicy paste tasted good, probably the best starter we had.The cottage cheese had soaked in the Thai flavor just right.


Slim & Tall Thai Spring Rolls: the beautiful looking rolls were exciting to look at, but the filling was somewhat bland.


Comfort Risotto in creamy white sauce and loads of Parmesan was nicely done, a tad too cheesy for my taste in fact. Alfredo Pasta was regular affair.



We were disappointed with the Almost Gourmet pizza, it was hard to decipher any flavor other than the overbearing tomato paste.


So to speak, our expectations which soared too high in the beginning were tamed by night’s end. They need to buckle up with food or go easy on prices to really come on top, considering they are located in the all so famous HKV’s Backyard! Thence, one can say we really have a new awesome pub in town!

Overall Rating: ***1/2
Ambiance: ****
Food: ***
Price-Worthiness: ***

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The Backyard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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