Arrival of the Goddess

First of all, Happy Navratras to you all!


The time of the year to soak in the festive fervour with happiness, chatter and sounds all around .Being a non-Bengali, I feel as much excited because this just something else !

As the autumn sets in, with the enchanting days of Durga Puja in full swing, I share with you one of my earliest pieces dedicated to the Goddess, written some 10 years ago! Here it goes..


Benevolent and beautiful

Magnificent and powerful

Creator and destroyer

We bow before the Mighty One !

Fulfilling her children’s wishes

Destroying the evil faces

Balancing the unstinting universe

We bow before the Mighty One !

Whose eyes that speak a thousand words

Whose tresses longer than the longest tide

Whose soul creates a zillion beings

We bow before the Mighty One !

Shiva’s consort, Universe’s pearl

Mortal’s mother, Demon’s slayer

We bow before the Mighty One !

Ten arms and riding a fierce lion

Gem studded, pearls embedded

Charming yet the fearful one

We bow before the Mighty One!

We bow before the Omnipresent

We bow before the kind

Goddess Durga is bowed to and revered

Be it by one or the whole mankind!

PS: 2015 Pujo pictures to follow soon 🙂



10 thoughts on “Arrival of the Goddess

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you for your appreciation 🙂

      In Hinduism, Goddess Durga (meaning “invincible”) is an embodiment of the supreme female energy (“Shakti”) and is known to protect mankind from all evil energies of the world. She is widely worshiped across India and is associated with various legends of valor, might and benevolence !

      The images you see on this page depict one of the famous legends, according to which after a long 9-day battle, the Goddess annihilated an evil-king Mahishasur on the 10th Day, thus giving birth to the festival of “Dusshera”. People today celebrate these 9 days as the phase when Goddess visits her home “Earth” from her heavenly abode. So it is a period of large-scale celebration, festivities, dances etc. I am sure you would love to visit India to see this magic unfold in person 🙂

      You might also find these links useful to get started:

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