Days of the Goddess : Durga Pujo

This completes the trilogy of “Arrival of the Goddess” series. Following my previous posts on poetry Arrival of the Goddess and glimpses of the Goddess in places like Kalibari and Arambagh Arrival of the Goddess – II , allow me to take you through the celebrations and vibrant days of MahaSaptami & MahaAsthami across CR Park and Sadiq Nagar. The former had literally transformed itself into the “City of Joy”, with lights, pandals, sounds of dhak and queues of people thronging this part of the city.

1. Cooperative Society, CR Park

Looked every bit its inspiration : the Belur Math & rural Bengal. If one has to choose, I would say the most beautiful idols I have seen this year so far.

IMG_20151020_192752079_HDR IMG-20151020-WA0030

2. Mela Ground, CR Park

An innovative theme and construction using purely eco-friendly substances and natural colors. The white draping clearly distinguished this from the rest !

IMG_20151020_204056003_HDR IMG_20151020_204027026_HDR IMG_20151020_204101451_HDR3. B-Block Durga Pujo

IMG_20151020_194757241_HDR IMG_20151020_194859792_HDR IMG_20151020_194158066

4. Navapalli Society

Very vibrant and very colorful, this pandal was literally a burst of colors 🙂


5. Andrews Ganj Pujo

Small, warm and homely : That is the charm this community pujo evokes every year, and this year was no different .



6. Sadiq Nagar DakshinDwip Pujo

Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, the theme was kept traditional, and idols indeed very enchanting !



We also had our delicious Ashtmi Bhog here, which had finger-licking items to fill our tummies : Bengali Khichdi, Charchari (a concoction of veggies), Mochar chop, Mishti Doi and Cham-cham. Anandam !

Finally, here was a small setup of Pujo at our home :). Eagerly awaiting next year, when the Goddess returns and we revel in the joy in the same fashion. Till then, stay blessed !



6 thoughts on “Days of the Goddess : Durga Pujo

  1. such beautiful, vibrant color; such exuberance in your words of praise! how i would love to experience such a celebration, so foreign to my own spiritual practices, yet so inviting.

    thanks for stopping by my blog today.

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