Food Review: Boheme, Vasant Vihar

Did I have lots of fun at the “Pyjama Party” Zomato meetup which was possibly one of the largest gathering of foodies I have seen? Yes. Was the atmosphere  electrifying? Yes. Was the food as delightful as one had expected it to be? That is where I have some reservations ; while some preparations were just perfect, others didn’t fare just as well.


Nestled away from the crowded city, Boheme is located next to the greens of Vasant Vihar in D-Block market. After climbing the stairs 3 floors above, I was greeted to this serene and classy looking place with a very European look and white-themed decor. The name inspired from “La Vie Bohème” is apt.  It made complete sense why this place is listed in the “Romantic” collection on Zomato. I would love be here on a date! And at the same time, the idea of accommodating a really large group of chirpy food enthusiasts is slightly difficult to digest.




Starters started pouring in soon enough while folks were mingling with the “intro” session. It was a sort of funny game in the beginning with everybody jostling to get the pictures and others waiting to eat! Once foodies finally settled immersed in happy discussions and chatter, there was a talented guitarist to invigorate the atmosphere with his self-composed numbers.



*Kerala Pepper Chicken:
Made me reminisce the days at my Malayali friend, so yes loved it . Deep fried chicken morsels with sesame and coconut were pretty fantastic.


*Crostini Platter:
Tried two sets, Caramelised onions & cheese and Chicken Sweet corn. The former was what I enjoyed more, blame the cheese lover in me !


*Lettuce Parcels:
Presentation was a winner, but the patties served inside were just average. Chicken was overcooked so the juicy flavours were missing.




*Veg Kokum Curry with Malabar Parotta:
Loved the coconut based curry, just the right spices and a burst of tangy flavors. Complete winner. Parotta was nice, though it arrived once we were done with this curry 🙂


*Fisherman’s Dream:
Was really looking forward to this, thanks to the enamoring name. Served with steam rice, the fish in itself was a letdown, while the spicy curry was average.


*Pesto Mustard Fish
Grilled Basa Fish served with couscous and potatoes was interesting and more so the fine mustard had its charm.


*Florentina Pizza
The only European preparation in mains, the pizza laden with chicken, olives and ricotta cheesy was crispy and very delightful. Shows Boheme going great guns when it comes to European cuisine!



*Home Made Ice Cream served with Flac seeds and Fresh Fruit; I guess something went amiss in the freezing, it was too frozen for us to slice.


*Coconut Puff with Vanilla Ice Cream : Made for the perfect dessert to end the meal, the fresh hot puffs coupled with ice cream were brilliant.

Regarding service, I would say that much better management was required considering the size of the gathering. But the lady who was serving us was doing a good job, with a constant smile despite so many folks’ requests pouring in.  Price-wise, Boheme is expensive, quite in line with similar themed restaurants of Delhi.

The overall experience was nice, though I would still vouch for the smaller group meets that Zomato used to host. Nevertheless on an experimental basis, this was loads of fun too : on a cozy Sunday afternoon for foodies all over the city to get together and have a jolly good time with live music, chatter and food !

Overall Rating : ***1/2
Ambiance : ****
Food: ***1/2
Service: **1/2
Price-worthiness: ***

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