Poetry: Speechless..

And often there are moments in life when one has to make choices, and still unsure about the outcomes. Inner strength is what helps win the battle ultimately.

What was past, what lies ahead?

Things today quite make me fret

The path tedious and unstinting

Here I stand speechless…

Something unusual in the wind

Something inviting, something pleasant

Something yet so mysterious,

I gaze across…speechless…

One life they say ‘one chooseth his own’;

Be it right or either wrong

But how does one really know if itsΒ ‘right’?

I ponder over…speechless…

Wise speak the wisest-follow in their footsteps

Or look for other ways ahead

The goal is one, the unusal paths many

‘Choose’ what? I am speechless…

The world waits to be conquered

And here I draw inspiration

”Look not at past but what is to be done”

With courage and resolve and a hearty smile

Set out to make this world ‘speechless’!

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49 thoughts on “Poetry: Speechless..

  1. Sometimes enjoying this mysterious silence is better than seeking for answers from the wise.And yes we choose our own life without an idea of outcomes but hope and dreams keep us going.Moreover experiences along this journey gives a great deal of knowledge regarding what is right and wrong. Anyways you have answered well the dilemma of making a choice and its consequences,all we need to do is carry on our karma with sheer determination and courage!:-)

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    1. At the risk of being highly repetitive, you are super mature and have an excellent EQ πŸ™‚ Thank you again for reading my poetry , and I am really glad it answers the dilemma we often find ourselves in. Hope all is going good πŸ™‚

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      1. But you see my IQ is nil and so I am not able to understand whether to take your first line as a compliment or otherwise..haha..

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      2. Arrey you saw that Platonic love pic…
        I have changed it..now it is more suiting the person whom it is dedicated to,please have a look…

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