Poetry: Red Petunias

It was a spring morning
The sun wasn’t yet burning
A zephyr blew and soothed the place
Making the vibrant blooms gently sway

Amongst the myriad flowers lived a family of petunias
Their lustful crimson robes waving to &fro
They made their presence felt too large
Though mingled among a million blooms

Their lives were glorious, short and sweet
No worldly tasks enforced upon them
Their only work was to sway and sway
Making others longing for and admire them

”Let them be”, the flowers later whispered
Our worries don’t need a solution
Just nurture and bloom for Mother Earth
Bejewel her with petals so red

And since the petunias swing and sway
Blissful and blessed as ever they were
Life is short, they know too well

Live it, swing along, for as long as it can be!

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