Food Review: Cafe Public Connection, Connaught Place

The Rise of “Cafes” across Delhi circuit has been phenomenal in last couple of years, and quite fits the aphorism “More the merrier” ! So we recently set off to yet another newly opened cafe at the capital’s food hub CP after noticing a lot of buzz created on Zomato. Was the real experience enthralling enough ? Hands down, yes !
Cafe Public Connection (PS: a highly democratic and interesting name for a restro-bar) is immensely huge. Like really, really a place that can accommodate a good chunk of public gatherings ! It is divided into various themed-based dining rooms ranging from “Hollywood” to “Sports”, making it an ideal hangout spot for large groups. Even at an odd time of 3.45 pm, the place was quite packed.
The dim lighting, fire-shower illumination and wall-graffiti added to the dramatic effect, making for stunning visuals. We kept walking around, looking for seating space in inner vaults, but all of it was occupied by folks gleefully having birthdays and other celebrations. With barely an iota of patience to “wait” and no particular agenda of celebration for that day, we finally settled for the seemingly public sofa near bar-lounge to got onto serious grub-work.
The spread lives upto the restaurant’s name, and has much on offer for everyone in terms of cuisines ; Indian, European,Chinese, Thai, Mexican to Moroccon ! In terms of flavor, it was largely a pleasant experience.
Pizza-All Verdure: Nice, leafy and cheese toppings  with an amazingly crisp thin base. Appetizing indeed.
Chicken Sausages Crostini: My favorite, that grows on the taste-buds eventually. A flavorful cheese bake of chicken-sausage chunks and herbs filled in spiced bread. Complete winner here.
Pizza Half-n-Half: Not as great as Verdure, seemed slightly overdone.
Penne Alfredo: Cheesy and very mildly spiced, was a delicious preparation served with hot garlic bread.
Assorted Vegetable Dimsums: Decent affair here, but sans red-chilly sauce dim sum eating remained sort of incomplete.
Grilled Cottage Cheese with Laban Dip: Creamy Dip made for an excellent accompaniment for the large Cottage Cheese grills and then there were assorted colored veggies to make you feel a tad-less guilty.
Service is decent, although they can fare better since the crowd is large at any given time. Surprisingly, unlike similar joints in CP, Public Connection is very pocket-friendly and at the same time provides excellent dine-in experience. Surely, a long way to go for this Cafe !
Overall Rating : ****
Ambiance: ****1/2
Food: ****
Service: ***1/2
Price Worthiness: ****1/2

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