That Medley called Delhi – I

If one is finding a place that epitomizes the essence of ‘Melting Pot’, then Delhi / Dilli / Dhilika it has to be ! It has been a a capital 7 times over, and its narrative emanates from pluralism since centuries ago. Here is capturing a slice of the multi-cultural, vibrant city . Indeed more to follow soon 🙂   ( You might like to take a look at the 2nd post in this series That Medley Called Delhi – II )fotor_145050750251151.jpg

Birla Temple, Mandir Marg
Birla Temple
Humayun Tomb, Nizamuddin
Mughal Gardens at Rashtrapati Bhawan (President’s House)
Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Gol Dak Khana
Alai Darwaza, Qutb Minar Complex
Purana Qila Ramparts , Mathura Road

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