Food Review : Blue Tomato Cafe, Rajouri Garden

“Blue Tomato” : The name created quite a buzz leading to some interesting imagery with the humble tomato fruit and invoked my perpetual excitement to try a new grub-spot in town!  I was invited for a Bloggers’ Meet hosted by DFIM and as had expected, it  turned out to be very enjoyable and gastronomically satiating. Innovation seems a definite forte for this Cafe, but some improvement is recommended for a couple of preparations.
The address for BT Cafe mentioned on Zomato is foolproof , so folks coming from afar can ask for IDBI Bank and walk exactly opposite to it to reach the place, which otherwise is not easily visible.
The cafe might pass off as unassuming on the outside, but inside decor is quite a visual treat. Hip and contemporary art, posters and paraphernalia adorn the walls. With a dominant blue motif , some justice is also done to cafe’s name . Space is compact but well designed.
A new menu launch by the restaurant set the agenda for lunch, and soon an array of innovative delicacies followed. There was also an open-feedback session in between with chef which I particularly liked and a cool “tomato” quiz to test our knowledge about the fruit!
Strawberry Sparkling Wine: Welcome drink had a nice punch with freshly chopped strawberry and mint . img_20160201_013404.jpg
Blueberry Yogurt Shake: My favorite among drinks, it was a delight to have. Blueberries added freshness to creamy yogurt and a dash of mint whipped together made for some pleasure drinking.img_20160202_050845.jpg
Googly Beer-Ginger Beer: Name aptly describes this cocktail, for the refreshing flavor of ginger dominated. Decent.img_20160130_140135451.jpg

Broccoli Soup: Ah, this was probably the BEST broccoli soup I have had. Being a broccoli aficionado (yes, that is the green I love ! ), I was mightily impressed with this soup having just the right creaminess and mildness.Breads were good accompaniment.

Triple Fried Mushroom: The first preparation for the day was appetizing, with variants of mushroom fried with chillies and a burst of oriental spices. img_20160202_050738.jpg
Mapro Fish Thai: Coconut and tamarind marinade for Basa fish was a winner, both in terms of presentation and flavor. The marination had soaked in well, making for a delectable bite.img_20160202_050408.jpg
Smoked Bird Eye Chicken:  Absolutely delish, with its hot, oriental flavors and bird-eye red chillies to relish with juicy chicken chunks. img_20160202_051425.jpg
Popeye Paneer Tikka with crispy palak patta: Yes, going ahead with the green agenda it lived up to the hype, albeit a little oily. Paneer marination had a subtle taste of ginger-garlic.img_20160202_050636.jpg
Honey Juicy Chicken Wings: Unusually strong dab of honey and parsley seasoning spoiled this dish for me. Need to go easy on the add-ons for chicken wings.img_20160201_012833.jpg
Double Treat Pizza: Disappointed with both veg and non-veg versions. Every essential pizza ingredient seemed a little amiss – cheese, seasoning and sauce. This is where they really need a redo before the launch.img_20160130_161724526.jpg
Tibetan Chilli Fish: Loved its presentation ; spiced river salmon with chopped vegetables was more than just palatable.img_20160130_150413319.jpg
Service was prompt and the gentlemen very courteously paid heed to our call-outs. I missed out on the desserts since had to leave early,  would probably be covering that on my next visit ! Overall, experience was really enjoyable. It would be great to see BT Cafe soar on the popularity charts, as their new menu kicks off next week for the city crowd.
Overall Rating : 4/5
Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
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