Mesmerizing Mysuru

Mysuru (Mysore)  is a fascinating city , located on the banks of River Kaveri in Karnataka. Its cultural exuberance and scenic beauty make for a delightful match, enhanced by a cool, often-clouded and amiable climate . Equally amazing are the polite and helpful city folks who made my stay so memorable and fun-filled !

Recently, Mysuru won the title of “Cleanest City in India” after competing with 422 other cities and deservedly so. People also describe it as Bangalore sans its traffic/mania and I quite agree here. Palaces inspired by Indo-Saracenic design, temples, gardens, lakes, cultural hubs, culinary hotspots dot the city, and yet one can feel a sense of quaintness and calm . Rich in its history, Mysuru will get you to seek more about its rulers – Wodeyar dynasty , Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan – the ‘Tiger of Mysore’. Legends are equally captivating to hear when one visits the famous Chamundeshwari Temple atop the densely forested Chamundi hills.

I spent some of my most precious months in this city, researching at CFTRI – Central Food Technological Research Institute (Ah, the mention of Food again). Here is sharing some of the photographic memories , which I look forward to expand on my next visit soon !

CFTRI – Yes this was my research lab, an erstwhile palace !
Clouds readying for a pour , Chamundeshwari Temple
Calm waters, Karanji Lake
Scenic Boat Ride


Mysore Palace – The city’s pride
Dome shot from the palace basement
Illumination for inner palace chambers
Where the Maharaja addressed His Subjects


Mysuru zoo backwaters
Brindavan Garden & the Dancing Fountains
As I left the city for Bangalore

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34 thoughts on “Mesmerizing Mysuru

  1. So pleased you found my blog Aishwarya, you’ll have to forgive my ‘musings’ as I transition to this fascinating country. Mysore is one of the first ‘port of calls’, thank you for the insightful information and photos. Look forward to reading more…Terry Anne

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    1. Thanks a lot Terry for your appreciation ! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post on Bangalore and Mysore ! Look forward to more ‘musings’ about India 🙂


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