Review : Zoe, Gurgaon

The cult of “packaged” health juices is fairly established , and almost all existing players in the market claim high levels of original fruit content and “no added” preservatives . Those claims have faltered at times when we sense a subdued synthetic flavor or overtly sugary taste during our juice-escapades.  Zoe, a newly launched Gurgaon-based brand comes across as a refreshing change with its array of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and parfait ; for it really lives up to claims made on the health and no-preservatives front ! While playing along with innovative flavors, it has ensured getting the basics right .
Having seen some initial buzz on Zomato about Zoe (Greek : life) , I was quite excited about trying its products.  Even though current delivery is restricted to Gurgaon, these folks make efforts to reach elsewhere too for their customers and with blazing speed, exemplifying a lesson on customer delight !
Here is sharing my experience with products delivered (2 cold-pressed juices + Parfait) :
The juices are priced at Rs 150 for 300 mL bottles. Each product has a distinct philosophy which is evident from the naming as well as ingredients, with the goodness of approx. 3 kg of fruits and vegetables extract per bottle !img_20160304_204452.jpg
GROWTH: An eclectic concoction of spinach, cucumber, orange, apple, bottle gourd, lemon leaves, basil and raw turmeric whipped up as juice was a delight to drink. Moderately sweet, no iota of synthetic flavor and highly rejuvenating , it scored cent percent on all parameters. The sesame seeds sprinkling enhanced the affair.img_20160304_204216.jpg
OPTIMISM: How about Red Bell Pepper and fennel seeds in your juice, combined with the regular candidates – carrot, pineapple and tomato ? I was surely apprehensive ! This time the taste was tad-bitter, but nevertheless highly refreshing and one could literally discern various ingredients tinkering with the taste buds.img_20160304_204237.jpg
BRIO PARFAIT  : Freshly-cut bananas and walnuts spread over the mildly sweetened yoghurt and oats parfait made for an excellent, healthy start to the day. The jar sufficed for one person.img_20160304_204421.jpg
In all, it was a highly worthwhile experience .Here is hoping Zoe makes a dent in the market with its unique proposition of “nutrition for life”, and more importantly for the fact that it lives up to the brand promise!
Taste: ****1/2
Health Q : ****1/2
Price- Worthiness : ****
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