Capturing the Clouds

I have always been intrigued by clouds , their ephemeral yet charming presence . Learning about “cloud-formation” and cirrus/cumulus/nimbus classification during geography and science lessons at school never dampened their mysterious appeal for me. No wonder, monsoon season had been a favorite ! (when soaking in the rains and often catching cold went hand in hand :D)

Of late I had this urge to capture the various shades of one of nature’s most resplendent  occurrences, and consequently kicked off a fortnight-long project. Here are some of those captures . Quite serendipitous, for Delhi is unusually cloudy for this otherwise “clear” month of March 🙂

Tempest & the Heaven Above
Golden Haze
The Surreal Sunset
After a Rainy Night




68 thoughts on “Capturing the Clouds

      1. Ohh, thankyou so much. I am glad you like them. But right now I am in a bad mood. My post got deleted Idk how, and its nowhere saved in the drafts,can’t find it. 😦


      2. That is quite unfortunate friend, generally the entire draft gets saved in trash, happened with me twice but could retrieve..Anyway, no worry take a break and get back to writing the exciting post 🙂 Cheers !

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  1. Beautiful epiphany. You can collect all your epiphanies and make a novel like Virginia Wolf or James Joyce. Try publishing a book at Bookrix. It’s entirely free. You get a free ISBN and sale rights for your books. Anand Bose from Kerala

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    1. Wow that is a great suggestion ! Thanks a lot sir , I will surely look this up 🙂 It had been on my mind sometime back , can pursue it further now on Bookrix .


  2. I love clouds too! Thanks for following me on my blog..don’t think I ever thanked you…once I wrote this little Haiku re. clouds…She rarely looked up
    until she saw a puddle
    and discovered clouds Blessings on you..your cloud photos are lovely,
    Peace, Jean E Taddonio San Diego, CA.

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