Capturing the Clouds

I have always been intrigued by clouds , their ephemeral yet charming presence . Learning about “cloud-formation” and cirrus/cumulus/nimbus classification during geography and science lessons at school never dampened their mysterious appeal for me. No wonder, monsoon season had been a favorite ! (when soaking in the rains and often catching cold went hand in hand :D)

Of late I had this urge to capture the various shades of one of nature’s most resplendent  occurrences, and consequently kicked off a fortnight-long project. Here are some of those captures . Quite serendipitous, for Delhi is unusually cloudy for this otherwise “clear” month of March 🙂

Tempest & the Heaven Above
Golden Haze
The Surreal Sunset
After a Rainy Night




68 thoughts on “Capturing the Clouds

      1. Ohh, thankyou so much. I am glad you like them. But right now I am in a bad mood. My post got deleted Idk how, and its nowhere saved in the drafts,can’t find it. 😦


      2. That is quite unfortunate friend, generally the entire draft gets saved in trash, happened with me twice but could retrieve..Anyway, no worry take a break and get back to writing the exciting post 🙂 Cheers !

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  1. A great set of images, my friend. You must have been viewing my site when the, old log, was posted. Thank you for the, like.


  2. Beautiful epiphany. You can collect all your epiphanies and make a novel like Virginia Wolf or James Joyce. Try publishing a book at Bookrix. It’s entirely free. You get a free ISBN and sale rights for your books. Anand Bose from Kerala

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    1. Wow that is a great suggestion ! Thanks a lot sir , I will surely look this up 🙂 It had been on my mind sometime back , can pursue it further now on Bookrix .


  3. I love clouds too! Thanks for following me on my blog..don’t think I ever thanked you…once I wrote this little Haiku re. clouds…She rarely looked up
    until she saw a puddle
    and discovered clouds Blessings on you..your cloud photos are lovely,
    Peace, Jean E Taddonio San Diego, CA.

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