Food Review: Karim’s, Nizamuddin

Be sure of two things before you land here –

1. You need to walk along the narrow lanes of Nizamuddin which is in itself quite an exciting experience.
2. An excess dash of oil would be common with preparations.
If one is fine with both, surely expect a wonderful, hearty meal to follow !

We reached here for lunch quite late so skipped the regular rush Karim’s is synonymous with. The ambiance was traditional yet simple.2bf79d7d3f64a85c9cb0588eca0762f0_14551135906f38973854e78dc7aa92c7d0e4578b85_1455113595eca38c3619b3a74c997f11db711166af_1455113594fa932ec7f470a739d94d8cfc5db179a9_1454933487

Hungry beyond words after a visit to the famous and soulful Nizamudin Auliya Dargah, we were soon served Dil Pasand Seekh Kebabs and Hot roomali rotis . Ah, kebabs were just so succulent and well-spiced with focus on ginger.

Chicken Jahangiri, an exquisite tomato – based Mughlai dish with the richness of cashew and hotness of chillies (loads of them) was the star of the day. Having it with the fluffy Khameeri Naans was a thorough delight.3c55d282be47014918f272c6285e52ff_1454862932

Shahi Paneer ( yes, for the veg folks ) was a different take from the regular ones we are used to eating, with a base of poppy seeds to add flavor. Finally, Dal Makhni wasn’t that great, but this is not supposed to be Karim’s USP anyway!39265407d48ee1fffad327b01de394bb_14549427800727b3b3ffc9f48c9db04cd0dcdc6aa3_14551135952e1d1e2d7069d782167a8eb63817dd5f_1455113591

Gentlemen serving us were polite and quick. Prices were competitive and reasonable, totally worth the food – on- offer. If authentic, lip – smacking Mughlai eating is your thing, head towards this place at the earliest !

Rating: ****
Food: ****
Ambiance: ***1/2
Price-Worthiness: ****

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23 thoughts on “Food Review: Karim’s, Nizamuddin

  1. Interesting cuisines, makes my mouth water. Your prose is elegant to read and I get inspired to write metaphors from it. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  2. I have been to this place . And I must comprehend & agree with u . Food is really good & mouth-smacking . A valid post indeed- true to all its inculcated points . I’ve tried full leg piece of lamb . Undoubtedly it was true to my expectation. My husband being Mirza , a mughal & I , both tend to share common interests in food & end up enjoying most of the good meals in restaurants:) Thanks for this post . How amazing is it to find someone who loves ’bout all those things that you too love to have & enjoy:)!

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    1. Wow ! First of all thanks for such a detailed post, and thanks again for liking this write-up ☺ I love the whole concept of Karim’s and the fact that it has never diminished its charm ! And concur with you too, food really is the most awesome way of connecting and sharing happiness with people😊

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