Food Review: Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu

For those who have strolled at Colaba Causeway and had a look at the Parsi Society in Mumbai, this restaurant rings DĂ©jĂ  vu . At Rustom’s, it is all about celebrating simplicity and the Parsi’an’ bonhomie – the pastels, wall-portraits , checkered tiling, timber furniture, smiling and chattering people all around will immediately bring you to the groove ! To top it all, there is celebration of food which almost certainly is winning hearts. Regional Indian cuisines are my favorite, and this place goes on to show why ! fotor_WP_20160406_006(1)fotor_WP_20160406_006

Paatra ni Macchi: This was a recommendation from the gentleman serving us and definitely lived up to expectation. Tilapia fish wrapped in coriander chutney and steamed in banana leaves had a subtly sweet flavor, and equally exotic. A dash of lemon enhanced the experience !patrafotor_(50)
Russian Pattice: Don’t be baffled by the name, it is a strictly Parsi innovation 🙂 Minced chicken, cheese and mashed potato croquette, served with green chutney made for excellent cheesy bites. Russian Pattice
Pallonji Soda Lemon : This refreshment was strictly okay, a pale shade of Limca would describe it best. Rustom’s should really work on getting some authentic drinks on the table soon!

Dhansak: This signature dish was their litmus test. And they fared very well ! The flavor of spiced masala ‘arhar’ dal with chunks of mutton grew on the taste buds with every passing bite. It was served with caramelised rice and literally “melt-in-the-mouth” Meat Ball kebabs. Bingo !dhansZomato_1459975921

DESSERT- Caramel Custard : I am usually a fan of custards and surely this dessert looked great . But the caramel sauce was a tad  bitter for my taste, while the custard was cooked well and spongy. Zomato_1459977937
Final Take:
I would love to come back and try more of their offerings soon which are justifiably priced considering the rarity (Cost for Two : Rs 1600 ). The restaurant, which is located in a rather unassuming Adhchini has already created a niche in the capital city, and it is only a matter of time it expands its presence. I wish this place had opened up when I was still studying in IIFT, barely at a 2 minute distance! In all, a big thumbs up for Rustom’s.
Rating: ****
Food: ****
Ambiance: ****
Service : ****1/2
Price-Worthiness: ***1/2

We also had a chance encounter with noted Food Critic Mayur Sharma who has hosted famous food shows including NDTV’s “Highway on My Plate”. He had come over with his lovely wife Michelle and the couple seated next to us, very warmly discussed all-things-food and experiences, making this lunch outing very memorable !

Cheery and heartily full !


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