Poetry : A Recipe for Life

Life they say “take with a pinch of salt”
What recipe it whips is ignored by all
Let us learn to cook a delicacy today
To savor the flavors that life brings on

Knead flour of happiness with hope
With compassion and copious love
A tinge of banter & merry-making would do no harm
Sprinkle some humor and spunk along

Completely set aside this mixture to mature for a while
Break and lounge, pursue a hobby you like
Soak in others’ myriad delicacies
Let time & circumstances add their magic as far  ..

Now come back to the narrative-in-progress
Sweeten your preparation with wisdom
Or spice with experiences from trusted ones
Just ensure to have balance intact , this story is uniquely yours !

Avoid frying at anger degree celsius
Go healthy and bake with calm
If something goes wrong which it can, fret you not
Slice or mend that side before it spreads rot

The aroma of perseverance would soon bear fruit
On way, wondrous thoughts or worries shall create commotion
The concoction might be perfect or not
If journey is pleasant, relish those outcomes you got

Celebrate this delicacy with folks and friends
And importantly with those not as fortunate as you are
It is but once you get to whip grandeur and spread joys around
Make sure it all ends with thanksgiving to the Lord !

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