Hop onto a Chocolate-filled Joy Ride

Here is some good news for all chocoholics, chocolate aficionados and people who celebrate food ! Let me ask you this – How often have you longed for those exotic chocolate bites while sitting home or at workplace, or maybe just have had that urge to explore new, indulgent flavors every time a flashy food-channel showed up during your television skimming regime ? If the answer is anywhere upward of “at times”, read on to have these cravings fulfilled and soothe your palate via an online platform called PlaceofOrigin.in – à la Charlie and the Chocolate factory !


In an era of thriving e-commerce, PlaceofOrigin creates its own niche by being India’s first marketplace for specialty Indian foods, regional and ethnic specialties- following a producer-to-end customer format, it delivers delicacies hassle-free at the doorstep. The idea is to connect “places” of origin (offering legendary food products) which are often far-off from spaces where we live. Surely you would have heard about the famed Ooty chocolates from the land of Nilgiri Hills or old-school bitter dark chocolates of Auroville, not to forget Himalayan food fare , but have you tried them yet? That precisely is what this website helps us do !

Vis-a-vis sweet savories, the site offers a range that extends from chocolates, cakes and confectionery sweets to brownies and biscuits. The brand list is quite eclectic with names like Mason & Co, Sleight of Hands, Moddy’s Ooty, Bean Therapy, Earth Loaf,  Nordic Kandie and others . Prices vary from a low of  â‚č 120 to the premium â‚č2000+ bracket, so there is much to choose from. But what impressed me was the vast array of chocolate variety, to suit people’s wide-ranging  palate, preferences and tastes . Take a look :

  • Gluten-free and Organic– ones for the health-conscious-yet-sin-loving millennial
  • Vegan chocolate for the strictly vegetarian folks
  • Lactose-free and Nut-free chocolates to ensure one does not miss out on delicacies due to any sort of allergy
  • Citrus-based for the tang-lovers
  • Dark and Milk chocolates that are evergreen favorites

There are also  a myriad concoctions and flavors , and some of what I could gather include cacao, cinnamon, cream, cashew,  coconut, orange, apricot, almond, truffle, fruit nuts and even chilly . With so much on offer, it does make sense to make a dash for a highly indulgent, chocolaty experience ahead. Also check out some snapshots from the website to set the ball rolling 🙂 Bon Appetit !


 (All images are from PlaceofOrigin.in )


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