Poetry : India

Progenitor of destinies
And land of many million dreams is You
Home to ancient civilizations & cultures
And gateway to modern wonders is You

Clinching freedom unparalleled in history
Breaking shackles of bondage is You
Like a Mother selfless in thoughts and deeds
For eons nurturing and nourishing us all is You

Crucible of colors and races and faiths
Yet creator of a common identity is You
Gentle demeanor yet firm in resolve
Torchbearer of a peaceful future is You

Lofty Himalayas to green ghats of Β West
Blazing rivers from Ganga, Godavari to Kaveri
Golden harvests on fertile expanses across
Enriched and embellished with these is You

Besides a myriad virtues and joys abound
It wrenches our hearts each timeΒ you bleed
Promise we shall to strive for glory
And live each day the ideals of Independence, we owe You !

**Wishing all my friends and readers a very Happy Independence Day**

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27 thoughts on “Poetry : India

  1. Took a quick look around your blog, and loving more and more of it! Love how you blend travel, food, and poetry together- all of my favorite subjects! Looks like you just got yourself a new follow- take care. πŸ™‚

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  3. Sir read many of your stuff on UPSC and every time when i am reading i thinks why is the blog name is Food for poetryy and today i found this.
    It’s a nice composition sir.
    And i am also a poet as well as preparing for IFOS. hope to meet you soon,

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