Food Review: QRO Gourmeteriia

QRO Gourmeteriia is a fairly recent opening at the ever-buzzing Satyaniketan market in South Campus, Delhi. It has an eclectic mix of Mexican, Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines on offer . I would call this one of the places where one just likes to unwind, have a peaceful and a satiating food experience. The ambiance is easy-on-the-eyes, compact and the place has a comfortable seating arrangement.


Food Talk:

An overall consensus emerged that all preparations were done very well, although a bit on the spicier side of mean. Spice-loving folks will have a fantastic time for sure. Food presentations were artistic too. We had gulps of cool and sweet Cranberry juices quite often !20160818_184800.jpg

Barbeque Chicken wings were fiery hot  and set the tone for a fun mealtime ahead.wp-1471773158179.jpg

Florentine Chicken was tastefully done in white curry sauce, with a flavorful tanginess to it. The stuffing of mince, potatoes and chopped parsley was fresh .wp-1471772334228.jpg


Grilled Fish was another enjoyable dish. One of the few mild offerings was impressive with the right amount of cheese and nicely tossed veggies on the sides.wp-1471773847695.jpg

Veg crepes in Brown sauce was fiery hot but fun as much. Paprika and garlic flavor did their jobs well, making it the most unique takeaway of the evening.wp-1471772334209.jpg

Pizzas were crunchy, although the barbeque topping was a tad too spicy. Paneer tikka ones went better with the Indian-Italian  jugalbandi !wp-1471772422756.jpg

Chocolate brownie ( really soft ) with vanilla ice cream brought the visit to a sweet end.wp-1471773171230.jpg

Overall Verdict :
While in Satyaniketan, one maybe spoilt with choices, but QRO makes it to the list of more preferable ones. Worth the visit.
Rating : ****
Food : ****
Ambiance : ***
Service : ****

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