Durga Pujo, 2016

Happy Durga Pujo to all of you !

That time has come again when Maa Durga arrives at her Maternal home with Her family. Earthlings, happy as happy can be, celebrate, dance, rejoice and make merry during the short but most memorable period of the year – the nine days of Navaratras .

Here is part 1 of the Pujo Pandal hopping in Delh at Maitri Mandir and Andrews Ganj. The former is modeled in all regal splendorย depicting France’s National Opera House – with the theme ofย world peace. ย The 2nd pandal is more homely, with a simple hut-shaped design but just as beautiful. Hats off to the sculptors who invoke magic with their hands using clay and colors alone, working assiduously months before this festival begins . Take a look at the enchanting divinity :




Andrews Ganj & Sadiq Nagar:


CR Park (aka Mini Bengal) and CP captures coming soon!ย For more, join me on Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

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