Durga Pujo Charm in Delhi

Following the post – Durga Pujo 2016, here is a final illustrative roundup of  festivities in the capital. Chittranjan Das Park, popularly known as CR Park ( a.k.a. Delhi’s Mini-Kolkata ) buzzed with mesmerizing pandals, crowds, traffic jams and dollops of great food during the 5 day period from October 7th to 11th . Sometimes, a little bit of chaos is more fun and a visit to the locality would make you concur with that ! On one of the days, we also hopped onto a “popular-pandals” trail in other parts of the city – Arambagh, Minto Road, Maitri Mandir and Mayur Vihar.

Glimpse through images of the Goddess, artistic themes and creative decor and do share thoughts on yout personal favorites 🙂

1. Cooperative Ground, CR Park 

Theme- Akaal Bodhan i.e untimely invocation of Goddess by Lord Ram before His war with Ravana. Pandal was designed in shape of a blue lotus.



2. B-Block Pujo, CR Park

Won accolades for being an eco-friendly pandal right from stage of creation, use of materials to immersion of idols in an artificial water pit instead of the river.


3. Arambagh , RK Ashram

Showcased jute-making  and the theme stressed on the revival of the ailing indigenous jute industry in India. Definitely a unique concept.


4. D-Block Pujo, CR Park

Traditional whites were a soothing sight.


5. Mela Ground, CR Park


6. Mayur Vihar Pujo


Without the Dhak musicians, this festival is incomplete. The sounds that echo in unison give you goosebumps on more than one occasion 🙂


Dhunichi Dance in progress and some lip-smacking veggie fries.

Already awaiting 2017’s Pujo, for the charm of this 5 day extravaganza always leaves us wanting for more.  As they say, ‘Aasche Bochor Abar Hobe’ 🙂

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