Poetry : The Hopper Within

It seldom takes a cat’s sleep

But ever remains swift as a mouse

Its only favorite corners deep

Lie in circles, round and about


For it jumps and gapes and frolics

Racing far ahead of hands and feet

By the time these puff to catch up

It perches on a newer nesting ground


Yet without a solemn rest

It ponders over agenda galore

On life & love, on dead & un-dead

On career & name, on desires aflame


There isn’t much one can do

To tame this incessant raging being

Breathe, meditate, ruminate as you may

It will pursue what it wishes to like


Wherein lies the solution, my friend?

Accept and embrace changes as they come

It is this MIND after all that leads us to victory

Trust it much, and let it flourish as it leaps abound


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