Indian Forest Service Exam Marksheet

Hello friends !
So finally we got the mark-sheet released by UPSC for the Indian Forest Examination . And boy, what a surprise package it was ! Here is a screenshot of my marks in UPSC Prelims, written papers as well as in interview.
The Good :
Interview ย !! I was quite confident that the 45 minute rendezvous with UPSC Board went well.ย  But hadn’t expected 204, the 3rd highest score among selected candidates ย (highest being 210 this time) . I would be sharing my interview experience very soon with you all, probably the most memorable testing-part of this 1.5 year long journey ๐Ÿ™‚
The Surprise :
Forestry marks made me happy , considering the high ROI it gave this time around. Would be sharing my hand-written notes here so that it can be of some use to the IFS aspirants in future.
The Shock :
Has to be Chemistry paper II . My estimates were way off the mark. Organic chemistry and I always had a tumultuous relationship even in my college days at St. Stephen’s , but this was a shocker !! Thankfully, Physical and Inorganic chem saved the day. Somewhat. ๐Ÿ˜›
The Expected:
English and General Knowledge. They got fairly lenient in GK this time, which was partly responsible for ย the overall written cutoff rising by close to 100 marks than last year. ย  ย  ย  ย ( 736 to 841 ) !
So this was the deal about marks. Have much to share as mentioned above, keenly look forward to getting them done as soon as possible. For those of you who want to have a look at my prelims strategy, here is the link.
PS : I apologize for not getting on my regular travel/poetry/food posts ย recently, have been caught up with things. Would be my endeavor to get on with them too ! Till then, cheers and wishing you all a Happy Spring ๐Ÿ™‚

13 thoughts on “Indian Forest Service Exam Marksheet

  1. Must be on cloud 9 kinda feeling, AR? Super congratulations on such a striking marksheet, you deserve it allโ˜บ
    P.s – Securing such high marks in interview as well means you know how to keep your emotions in check. Mind teaching me how to control overwhelming emotions? I’m as good as tree with them.

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  2. Hehe, thanks a ton V. ‘As good as tree’, lol you exaggerate now, I don’t think that’s the case with you ๐Ÿ˜› I must credit blogging to help me emote better and be expressive in interviews ! Would come up with a blogpost on your query soon, but here are two major things that worked . One is to be smiling, respectful and optimistic whatever be the direction of interview. Other is to take a 2-5 second pause before answering tricky questions, that is good enough time to collate and structure your thoughts to give a balanced answer. Else we often blabber something initially and realise later it wasn’t needed at all :D.

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  3. Lol I came to inform you that yhe snake post is up. Lol you’re going to hate me though! Also I realised you have replied. Anyway, thanks for your kind words.
    Yeah your suggestions make sense enormously ( I intend to apply them, not just in interviews but in real life as well)
    Thank you so much, AR.

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  4. Please share your forestry optional strategy.
    And which books u referred to that?
    And how u manage to get so high marks in forestry optional ?
    Please share your strategy for forestry.

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    1. Main reference was the Forestry book by Manikandan and Prabhu. It is an excellent source for basics and covers major portion of the prescribed syllabus (not 100% though). Short hand-written notes from the book, previous year question papers analyses, write-ups on important topics like silviculture systems, JFM, provenance trials etc. really helped for last minute revisions + use of internet for current topics.


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