Small things one can do to have a good life

Someone recently asked me to answer this question on Quora. Would like to share my response to this with you all 🙂

Here are some of the things to do –

  1. Greet people you meet with a hearty smile . From the delivery boy to your grumpy boss. Mental peace.
  2. Wake up early and sip your morning tea seeing the sunrise . Priceless.
  3. Walk/run to the park closest to your home and be with nature for a while. That stillness is soothing.
  4. Squeeze out 30 minutes from your busy schedule and just do what you love doing. Without restrictions. Vent it out.
  5. Ego is good, but arrogance is not. Try some humility instead with colleagues, family, friends. Call your old pals up who might hold the same silly ego as you do.
  6. Visit an orphanage or an old age home once in a while , share and spread your joy with them.
  7. Lend your helping hand. There are many who need you, while you inadvertently ignore.
  8. Learn the art of letting go if someone wants to move on, nothing is permament anyway. Be your own strength.
  9. Meditate. Five minutes alone work.
  10. Count your blessings daily for what you are, where you are and how you are. People are in a worse state, yet they survive, sometimes better than you do. So always keep your chin up for things will eventually fall in place, whatever the case might be this moment.
  11. Do your karma well, whole-heartedly . It will pay you back. Someday 🙂


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