Being the Best Version of YOU

Sharing some takeaways from life so far in bringing out our best selves ! More than external factors, it is primarily us who can steer this wheel of life in the right direction.

  1. Initiate a permanent break-up with laziness- the single biggest factor that pulls us back from realizing our goals and fulfilling our desires.
  2. Be daring enough to take risks. There is nothing certain about life, so make most of the time you have.
  3. The trade-off between money and personal satisfaction in life: choose latter if you want your best version to show up naturally.
  4. Be humble in your success AND keep your head held high in failure because here your learning curve is much steeper. Our mind works the way it is accustomed to, so no excuse for self-pity here.
  5. Learn the art of forgiveness. Holding grudges eats away a good part of maximizing our potential.
  6. Comparison in life with ‘others’ is meaningless. Everyone comes with their own destiny and strengths,their own moments of fame and folly.
  7. Accept people the way they are, they anyway won’t change for you! Appreciate the differences than trying to find faults for the same. Clear misunderstandings if any keeping ego aside for a while. Humans being social animals perform best when their surroundings members are amiable too.
  8. Try to thrive in chaos. You may sulk during pressure-cooker moments, but look around you – there are so many of them in a possibly more difficult situation than you are, yet they survive better.
  9. Stop regretting, everyone has too many but nothing can be done about it . Be grateful for what you have and what you are. Don’t be a complaint-box but be a problem solver in life. At your workplace, college, home anywhere. It all starts with small beginnings .
  10. Do something daily that makes YOU happy and smile often. Read, run, meditate, teach, spend time with those who need company.
  11. Have an anchor in life whom you can look up to and talk freely when the going is tough or otherwise – your parents, siblings or friends.

Rise & Shine. As they say – Be alive, don’t just exist 🙂

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