That role..called DFO !

Hello Readers,

Hope you all doing well. Time flies, and so that is what I have been seeing for myself in the past few months. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, the days of probation finally getting over in the year of 2019.

For as the 1st day of 2020 began, came the orders for my first official posting – as Divisional Forest Officer (DFO/DCF), Kullu Division. Sometime went in disbelief , for getting a place where you do your probation in the services rarely happens. But soon it struck that life has began a new chapter and it’s time to begin the writing asap !

20 days have sped by, and one is still getting a hang of things and letting things settle. That first office vibe, getting to multi-task between office and field work, attending ongoing meetings and conducting even more , ensuring active field staff for patrolling and vigilance for forest protection, working on ecotourism ideas and their execution…the maze goes on relentless.

But taking a step back, I pause and wonder if all the journey from Corporate to UPSC to coming here was worth it. And when I stare at the mountains staring back at me, the lovely deodar trees waving back at me, the young and old faces coming with requests for timber use or volunteering for plantations, the array of brave forest guards patrolling the forests and reserves in the cold and the tough terrains – the answer boils down to a thumping yes.

Pressure cooker moments are there for all jobs in this world, and one only becomes more steely with such circumstances. But to be blessed with the purity of nature , amidst the Valley of the Gods, the white trails of Manali or the shimmering jingles of River Beas inspires to bring out the best in me. Hope the journey continues, and for all those readers out there, planning to write the UPSC for Indian Forest Service exam , I would say, ‘go for it wholeheartedly, if your heart belongs to nature’ !

Will update more with time, do share your experiences with nature healing in the past .

Love and cheers,