Travel Diaries : Parashar Lake, Himachal

Today’s Himalayan travel tales — This stunningly divine site of ‘Lake Parashar’ , a mesmerizing and mysterious natural wonder in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh perched at 8960 ft. The spot is around 2.5 hours from both Kullu and Mandi.

The oval-shaped lake has a beautiful pagoda-styled Temple dedicated to Rishi Parashar’, a floating small island and some mysteries still surround the place, including the depth of the ‘bottomless lake’. Locals tell about trees as tall as 30 m completely disappearing inside the water body. Spread over a sprawling 1 ha area, the lake changes its hues from blue to teal and sea green on different days basis climatic conditions. Also, the water to land mass proportion of the lake is 79 : 21, same as that of Earth !

Lake & Temple panaromic view

Many legends are linked to this place. One of them tells about how Bheema, third of the Pandavas thumped his elbow on the mountain top to create the lake, in order to create a living space for his teacher Dev Kamrunag ! Today the valley is known by the same name. It is said that Rishi Parashar, father of Ved Vyas meditated here for a long time. Legend also tells about how Lord Ganesha became the writer for Ved Vyas’s dictation of ‘Mahabharat’ at this place, where the latter spent years later.

The travel to the top is totally worth it as the breathtaking views of nature here make for a limnophile’s dream come true moment ! Here are some glimpses of this hidden treasure .

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